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3619 N. Hazel, Fresno, CA 93722

Office Number: (559) 322-9057
Warehouse Number: (559) 230-0605

We truly believe the customer should be treated as a friend. We can help you find your ideal pottery collection that suits your personality and your space. It is our goal to supply you with a piece that will give you a lifetime of charm and joy.

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We proudly carry thousands of different pottery items to choose from, including pots, vases, statues, birdbaths, wall fountains, decorative items for your home or your yard, and much more. Our goal is that you connect with and find a pottery piece that resonates with you.


Our Philosophy



Every piece is unique, made from different types of earth soil. Our works of art are shaped by expert artisans from all over the world, using a variety of high quality-materials.